Parish Councillors

Lisa Siggery


Lisa joined Crowhurst Parish Council during 2014 and has worked hard with Council colleagues since this time to put Crowhurst on the map.

Lisa and her husband moved to Crowhurst in 2004 and enjoys the contrast of a beautiful countryside location and her Risk & Compliance role in the city. Lisa is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and has her Private Pilot Licence. In any spare time she enjoys running, cycling, flying, the garden, and spending time with her animals and family.

Lisa has drive and energy to make a difference for Crowhurst and will continue to work with Council colleagues and fellow Crowhurst residents to move the village into the future, whilst ensuring we preserve the great past. We are all passionate about our village and we need to stand together and work together to make it better.

Parish Councillor Interests

Register of interests

Having originally been born and having gone to school in the village, Richard and his wife moved back to Bowerland Lane in 2012. In addition to his farming interests, Richard sits on the board of a number of public and private Companies. In 2020 he was elected Chairman and Trustee of the Altar Cottages Charity which looks after the two Alms houses opposite the Church. He is also Chairman of the Crowhurst Relief in Need Charity.

In addition to breeding pedigree Sussex Cattle and pedigree Hampshire Down Sheep, Richard enjoys shooting, fishing and other country pursuits.

Richard is pleased to have been co-opted onto the Council and looks forward to contributing to the future development of our village.

Simon Lock

Vice Chair

My name is Simon Lock. I am married to Fiona and we have five children – ages varying from 13 to 24.

We have lived in Crowhurst for 12 years. I am a retired Metropolitan Police Sergeant. It was a wonderful career.

Fiona and I ran Kings Church Lingfield, for a number of years and since its closure we are enjoying being closely involved as a family with St. George’s Church in Crowhurst. I also serve on the Parochial Church Council. I served for a number of years on the Godstone Parish Council.

My hobbies are:-golf, shooting, fishing, gym, belonging to local clubs and I also enjoy walking in our lovely countryside, when I have the chance!

I now work on behalf of the Home Office. I now look forward to serving the community of Crowhurst on the Parish Council.

I and my family have been residents of Crowhurst for almost 19 years having moved into the parish in late 2000. I have 2 grown up children who both attended local schools and are now both established in their own careers. Previously I was Chairman of the PTA at Stephens School in South Godstone for 6 years and ran one of the junior football teams at Lingfield FC for 5 years.

Having worked in IT all over the country for over 35 years, I am now based more locally so have the time to focus on other areas. We really enjoy living in Crowhurst and I am keen to maintain it’s unique feel but recognise that some change is both inevitable and necessary in order for it to continue to flourish.

I am greatly looking forward to my time on the Parish Council.

Malcolm has lived in Crowhurst since 2015, he is married with a teenage son and daughter.

He works as the Operations Director for a Crawley based Aviation Services company specialising in freighter aircraft operations worldwide but primarily between Europe and Africa. He has long held passion for all things aviation.

Malcolm is pleased to serve the Parish Council and looks forward to supporting and continuing to make improvements for our rural community