Village Traditions

Many of the village traditions began with Leo Luksepp, who left his native Estonia during the war, married Joan and settled in Crowhurst. Leo was a great believer in British values and traditions and wanted to encourage them in Crowhurst.

King and Queen of Crowhurst

The first crowning of a King of Crowhurst (King Leo himself) took place in Leo and Joan’s front room in 1979 and continued in that fashion for many years until the crowning became a feature of the St Georges Day in the Village Hall, and then the Village Christmas Party. Eventually there were too many villagers wanting to be present and it has in recent years become a very important part of the Summer Hog Roast held on the Village Hall Field, so that everyone could attend.

One important role of the King and Queen is to organise The Village Walk, usually in late Spring. The original purpose was to ensure that footpaths were walked and kept open, and although some walks have included private property, the aim remains.
Crowning 2014

king and queen being crowned in 2014

Crowning of the Queen Mother (Joan Luskepp) 2015

queen mother being crowned in 2015

Crowning 2018

Crowning 2018

Crowning 2015

King and Queen being crowned in 2015

Crowning 2017

king and queen being crowned in 2017

Crowhurst Christmas Party

Leo strived to enhance community spirit, and from that sprung celebrations of Burns Night, St Patrick’s, St Georges Day, every royal occasion, wine tasting, afternoon tea parties, Parish Watch celebrations and the very special Crowhurst Christmas Party.

Sadly Leo passed away, but the work that he began still flourishes with new events being added to our calendar, including a Quiz Night, the Children’s Christmas Party, and St George’s celebration on Bowerland Lane Corner. After Leo’s death Bowerland Corner was transformed by willing volunteers, from waste ground into area central to our village, in his memory. 

crowhurst christmas party

crowhurst christmas party

Cross of St George being flown on St George's Day

It was also Leo who encouraged (insisted!) that villagers flew the St George’s Flag on St Georges Day; in addition a noble band go out at crack of dawn each year to position flags along our village roads.

cross of st george flag

Crowhurst Clean Up

A newer tradition is the Crowhurst Clean-Up which takes place in March.

crowhurst clean up