Gatwick Consultation

Published: 09 December 2018

Route 4 Gatwick Issues January 2019



Gatwick emergency runway to become a second runway


A 'Public Consultation' is being held by London Gatwick regarding their desire to make the existing 'Emergency Runway' into a 2nd Runway and generally to expand to such a degree that it will impact on the enjoyment of our local countryside, homes and gardens. The effect of the increased stream of departing and landing aircraft on noise levels will be considerable. While it is recognised that 'progress and expansion' can and will happen, it needs to set against a belief in quality of life and being able to enjoy one’s home.


Please see the link to the website page where you can access the online survey (which does not take long to complete - about 5/10 mins) and an accompanying document, should you wish to read about Gatwick's ambitious plans. Of course you must only complete this if you feel you want to but that the PC is trying to help those that do want to by passing this on as Gatwick have already released a statement pertaining to this survey saying only 14% if local residents oppose their plans. Bearing in mind the survey is open until 10th January 2019 - this statement seems a little premature!



 The link to the website & survey where this appears:    (you just need to click on the ‘Take Part in our Consultation now’)