Food for struggling parents

Published: 15 April 2020

Food available for parents struggling to provide family meals

Surrey parents struggling to provide meals for their children during the coronavirus pandemic are being urged to seek help to access the food that they need.

Easter and the school holidays, alongside the ongoing challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, are likely to bring added pressure for many families. Those finding it hard to put food on the table are being encouraged to talk to their child’s school or early years setting, or to contact the Community Helpline set up by Surrey County Council to find out about the options available.

Children who usually receive free school meals due to benefit entitlement are able to continue to receive food even if they aren’t going to school at the moment. In some cases, meals have been replaced by food packages or £15 vouchers to spend in supermarkets, and these are being distributed to families by schools.

There are various other sources of food available, including food banks and community fridges. In addition, food hampers are available for some families who need them and again schools will be able to help with allocation.