Parish Council Covid - 19 Update.

Published: 01 May 2020

The Parish Council knows this is a difficult and stressful time for many. Unprecedented times and we are all dealing with issues that are new to us. We hope you are all keeping well, safe and sane in the circumstances.

The Parish Council cannot meet physically and cancelled its annual meeting in April. Meetings will be arranged as required and will be arranged virtually. A short virtual meeting is scheduled for 18th May to sign off the accounts. Details available on the website as normal or please contact the Clerk for more information.

In the meantime correspondence, planning applications and payments will be responded to by the Clerk to the Council in consultation with councillors. Larger projects and plans cannot be progressed due to the current crisis but the Council will continue to monitor the situation. Please email the office in the normal way and we respond as soon as possible.

The Parish Council has liaised with Tandridge District Council and applied for a Covid-19 hardship grant to help those hit by this crisis. We are grateful to have been successful in our bid for funding. If you are affected or know someone in need of help please contact the Clerk in confidence to discuss your needs. We want to help!

The Parish Council is receiving details of vulnerable people from TDC and will liaise with the volunteer group to ensure all are contacted. Many of the Parish Council continue to volunteer within the group collecting supplies, prescriptions etc.. Details of the helpers are regularly sent out in Parish Watch emails. We are grateful to all the volunteers who have shown the usual true Crowhurst spirit of community at this most challenging time when people have their own family, health and work pressures to add into the mix.

We also know regular forwarding of TDC emails is completed by the Parish Watch and therefore the Parish Council rather than replicating this or overloading peoples already full email boxes will send out Parish Council specific news. All other information is regularly posted to our website and we advise people to check under village notices for any up to date newsletters etc.. In an ever changing world the websites of Central Government and NHS continue to provide the most up to date information.

We wish you all well and hope to see you all soon maybe for a VE Day cheer!

As always any queries contact the Parish Council office with any queries.

For up to date information please see

If you are able to help others or need help please contact the parish watch or the parish council to provide details.

If you know an older person who is concerned about leaving the house because of #COVID2019uk, make sure you:

? Stay in touch over the phone.
?? See if they need any help shopping.
?? Encourage them to stay active in the house.

If older members of the public have concerns about anything else, including welfare, care or housing, they can contact Age UK’s free advice line, 8am-7pm, 7 days a week: 0800 055 6112

As always if you have comments or queries on any parish council matters please contact the Clerk.